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Create Google Sitemap XML using Site Map Pro

Google Sitemaps XML is single file which you submit to Google. This ensures that Google knows about all the pages on your website, and helps include them in the Google search engine.
Use Site Map Pro to easily and quickly create the XML file.

Step 1 - Download Site Map Pro

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Step 2 - Create the XML file

Run Site Map Pro and map your website.

At the final step 9, choose the File > Save Google Sitemap XML... menu option and save your XML file.

Step 3 - Upload the XML file to your website

Place the XML file on your website. Google recommend that it is in the root folder (where your "home page" is).

Step 4 - Tell Google about your XML file

Open the Google Webmasters page:
Note: You will need to create a free Google account for this site.
Click the sitemaps tab and type the URL of your XML file.


The Google Sitemap for the Site Map Pro website.

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