How to Simply Understand Sitemaps of Your Blog

Sitemaps of Your Blog

Nowadays, more and more people are thinking about earning a lot of money from blogging. Unfortunately, not all of those people are able to do that because they just write and post articles on their blog without finding a way to get a lot of visitors to their blog. If you consider yourself as a newbie in blogging, you might need to learn about sitemap of your blog first. That is because the sitemap can be considered as one of those keys to success that your blog need to have. Here are some simple explanations for you to understand what sitemap is.

For the start, you need to begin to understand what sitemap is. The sitemap can be simply describes as the real mapping of the URLs that you have in your website. That is because each of the page that you have in your website has its own URL and you need a clear map of how to get to any of those specific pages. To make it simple, your home page is the main body of a tree, the categories where your posts are posted is the trunk and the posts that you have on the blog are the branches and the leaves. That is one simple way for you to understand about the sitemap of your blog.

After you understand what the sitemap of your judi bola blog is, you need to also understand why the sitemap is considered as something important that you need to manage. There are some reasons why you might want to do so. For the start, it is because the sitemap can be used to indirectly lead the visitors of your blog to some certain posts that you have. That is because once your visitors go to a trunk, they will be led to the possible branches on that trunk, not on the other branches from another trunk in your blog.

The second one is the better index on the search engine where you submit your sitemap. If you have submitted your sitemap to one of the search engines, you will be able to get a better crawl on that’s search engine because of the proper sitemap that you have submitted before. Because of that reason, you can simply say that the sitemap is important because your posts might be able to get the top position if you submit the proper sitemap to any of those search engines.

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