How to Submit Your Sitemap to Google Search Engines

Google can be considered as one of the best search engines that many people are using at the time. Because of that reason too, there are a lot of people who do blogging and such things are using the help of the Google. That is because they offer you a lot of benefits compared with some other search engines that you can find nowadays. One of the things that many of those bloggers do is submitting the sitemap of their blog to Google. That is because they believe by doing so they are able to help Google in indexing the contents that they have in their blog on the Google search engine. This is a good way because this kind of thing can simply increase the number of visitors to their blog.

If you are also thinking about submitting the sitemap of your blog to Google search engine, you can simply start following all of these simple steps below. For the start, you will need to have the account for the Google Search Console. This one is not that difficult to do because you just need to simply register to situs judi online. After that, you are able to login with the blog that you have to the Google Search Console. After you login to the Google Search Console, you just need to go to their home page and you will be able to find the name of your blog there. Make sure you click your own blog so that you will be able to access the things inside your blog.

How to Submit Your Sitemap to Google Search EnginesFrom there, you will be able to find the crawl option and that is the one that you need to pick. From there, there will be a sub-category called Sitemaps. That is the place where you are able to submit the sitemap of your blog. Once you are in there, you will be able to find the option to add a sitemap that you want. You just need to add the sitemap of your website. However, you should not forget to test the sitemap too. That is because the good quality sitemaps will always think about the active and accessible links. If there is something wrong with the link, you will not be able to open the link and the sitemap will break. Because of that reason, testing the sitemap from this service and removing the invalid sitemap is something that you need to do.

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