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Create a Yahoo Text Sitemap using Site Map Pro

Site Map Pro can be used to submit your website to the Yahoo search engine.

Yahoo have partnered with Bing, the search engine from Microsoft.
Therefore, you submit your sitemap to Bing, and this automatically submits it to Yahoo too.

There are 2 sitemap formats that can be used: XML or plain text:

To create an XML Sitemap, follow the same steps as for the Bing Sitemap XML.
To create a Text Sitemap, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Download Site Map Pro

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Step 2 - Create the Yahoo text file

Run Site Map Pro and map your website.

At the final step 9, choose the Site Map > Text Sitemap menu option and save your text file as urllist.txt

Step 3 - Upload the text file to your website

Place the text file on your website. It's recommended to place it in in the root folder (where your homepage is).

Step 4 - Submit your text file to Yahoo (via Bing)

Open the Bing Webmasters page:
Note: You will need to create a free Microsoft account for this site.
Go to the sitemaps section of the Bing Websmaster site, and submit the sitemap that Site Map Pro generated.


The Yahoo Text Sitemap for the Site Map Pro website.

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